These three stories were orginally written for the ReDeus shared-world anthology series from Crazy 8 Press, edited by Robert Greenberger and Aaron Rosenberg. The Crazy 8 gang developed the concept of the modern world transformed by the return of every pantheon of gods and goddesses who have ever been worshipped. A further side effect of this infusion of supernatural deities into the natural world was that modern technology got a bit buggy. Your cell phone might not work when you’re surrounded by gods and goddesses. Within that concept, and individual themes for each anthology, writers were allowed great leeway with their stories. I decided if all those gods could suddenly manifest in the modern day, so could a fourteenth-century Templar knight, Étienne Joubert, who had lost his faith in the Crusades and is now surrounded by gods—except his own.

For this collection I have revised all three stories, and they’re presented in chronological order—not the order they were originally written and published in! Title links will take you to story excerpts, where you’ll also get to see the covers of each anthology where they were first appeared.

Coming soon.

A Medieval Knight in Vatican City

Étienne Joubert suddenly finds himself battling through the streets of a Rome he barely recognizes, dodging metal carts that speed by without horses. Taken within Vatican City, he faces a pope convinced that his return to life is a message from God—but Joubert’s time in the Crusades has shaken his faith to the core.

The Many Gods of Manhattan

Joubert forges himself a new path, creating the Nouveau Templar, favoring peace between faiths instead of bloody crusades. The pope sends him to Manhattan, a crazy quilt of religous affiliations spread across the neighborhoods of the city. When a young Catholic woman comes to him worried about her missing fiancé, he soon becomes entangled in the complicated turf wars of the gods.

The Squire and the Valet

Joubert faces a deadly challenge when a demon goes on a killing spree, including two Lenape Elders. It falls to Joubert to deal with the problem and keep the peace between the two faiths. But his mission is complicated, as always, by differences within the Church. Fortunately, he’s got the support of his longtime valet—who’s always been much more than meets the eye—and his new assistant.

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