Here are some of the books I worked on at Zenith Press, an imprint which no longer exists, for a publisher that changed ownership and names over the years. I started as the in-house copyeditor, but soon moved up to associate editor, eventually becoming an acquiring editor. As the editor, I worked with the authors throughout the manuscript process, wrote jacket copy, reviewed all the freelance copyediting and proofreading, pitched ideas for cover design, and reviewed layouts from our in-house design department.

James P. Busha

Robert L. Girardi

Dick Camp

Nicholas A. Veronico

John R. Bruning

Col. Richard H. Graham
USAF (Ret.)

David West Reynolds

Bill Yenne

Colin D. Heaton
and Anne-Marie Lewis

Robert Greenberger
(for sibling imprint Voyageur Press)

Robert F. Dorr

Bruce Gamble

Colin D. Heaton
and Anne-Marie Lewis

Lt. Col. William B. O’Connor
USAF (Ret.)

Paul Simpson

Dick Camp

Hans Halberstadt

Robert Campbell

Fred Pushies

Colin D. Heaton and
Anne-Marie Lewis

Piers Bizony

Michael Collins
and Martin King

Harry Yeide

Dan Linehan

John M. Dibbs (photography)
Lt. Col. Robert “Cricket” Renner
USAF (Ret.)

Robert F. Dorr

Eric G. Swedin

Dick Camp

Matt J. Martin
with Charles W. Sasser

Michael Green
and James D. Brown

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