This special Valentine’s issue spotlighted the couples of Star Trek and I got to cover the great and tragic romance of Worf and Jadzia. In those olden days prior to streaming, researching the article was the perfect excuse to finally buy the complete series on DVD. I scoured through dozens of less obvious DS9 episodes to rewatch all the best Worf and Jadzia moments. The excerpt below is the opening of the article.

Worf & Jadzia

There’s no way around it . . . Worf and Jadzia “met cute.” Shortly after arriving on Deep Space 9 in “The Way of the Warrior,” Worf encountered Kira and Jadzia leaving a holosuite, both women in Arthurian dress. Kira was embarrassed—“Nice hat,” Worf said—but Jadzia was amused. After Worf spoke in reverential tones about Curzon Dax, Jadzia replied in Klingon. Flustered, Worf responded, “I suppose so.” Jadzia, a twinkle in her eye, explained to Kira, Bashir, and O’Brien that her comment “loses something in the translation.” The script rendered it as “Yeah, but I’m a lot better looking than he was.” Jadzia seemed smitten.
       Their friendship was perhaps inevitable due to Curzon’s history with Klingons, which Jadzia carried on. It made Worf and Jadzia’s growing relationship more believable than Worf’s brief romance with Deanna Troi on the Enterprise-D. Jadzia continued flirting with the taciturn Worf for several months, but he remained oblivious. . . .

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