Although I’ve been the canon editor for Star Trek Adventures from the beginning, and I did do some work with Dayton Ward developing backstory for the Shackleton Expanse, a region of space featured in early campaigns, somehow this feels like the first time I’ve written for the game. I contributed five sidebars on various topics which, although they don’t directly impact gameplay, are part of the overall Klingon atmosphere in this version of the core rulebook. I also did my usual canon editing on the entire project, which is why this book appears on both my editing page and writing page. Below are brief excerpts from all of my sidebars.

From a Klingon Imperial Intelligence Brief on the Shinzon Coup [p 16]
[Until now] the Remans have not been monitored by Imperial Intelligence—but we can avoid the price the Romulans paid for the same miscalculation. We must stalk like a cob’lat, not rush in like a mad targ. Recommendation: Allow Captain Picard to scent the wind while we prepare responses to a variety of possible outcomes.

From the Personal Correspondence of Martok to the Lady Sirella [p 32]
Surely you mock me for writing you in Sto-vo-kor, where I am certain you are criticizing Kahless the Unforgettable himself for how he deploys the Black Fleet. But, my beloved, you are more present to me in death than these councilors who feign to follow me like spoiled targs now that I finally sit in the chancellor’s chair.

From a Post by Paul Woodman, Woody’s Saloon, Narendra Station [p 32]
Since I opened up on the Federation frontier, only two Klingons have pushed through my swinging doors: Ambassador Worf and his son, Weapons Officer Rhozhenko of the Ya’Vang. Turns out they’re big fans of the Wild West!

From the Last Statement of Commander Kruge, I.K.S. Katai, 2285 [p 337]
I will do whatever necessary to protect the Empire in spite of the High Council. I will bring them Kirk’s head on a bat’leth, even though if I fail they will scurry to the Federation to disavow me. Today is a good day to die!

From the Personal Correspondence of Alexander Rhozhenko to Worf [p 353]
My shipmates have raised many bottles in your honor, but given the amount of bloodwine that has been drunk (and spilled) since the Dominion surrendered, it is hard to tell when one toast ends and another begins. I have not touched a drop since I fell down a gangway and dislocated my left shoulder.

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