This was a particularly fun article to write. I had to rate all twenty-two episodes on a scale of one to five and then pick the top five episodes, the worst episode, the best guest star, the best moment, and the most valued performance. The excerpt below is the opening of the article, which has been outdated a bit by the Blu-ray release of the series as well as its inclusion on CBS All Access. It seems the Animated Series has finally been given its due, and the forthcoming new animated takes on Trek will probably get even more fans to check out where animation has gone before.

Star Trek Animated

For years the animated Star Trek was a lost series, aired infrequently after its 1973–1974 run and unavailable on DVD, although the mid-1990s VHS releases could still be found. It had been isolated by Gene Roddenberry when he declared it outside of canon, the official series continuity (ironic, considering how many story arcs from the original series the animated show referenced). Although its DVD release in 2006 brought it to a new generation of viewers, it still seems to be “the forgotten Trek,” adding to its nostalgic appeal. . . .

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