Scott is a full-time freelance writer and editor working across a variety of genres in both traditional and indie publishing. His published works include short stories, novellas, essays, poetry, and role-playing game supplements. He is the co-screenwriter of the IMAX space documentaries Space Next and Touch the Stars. Since 2014, he has been the copyeditor for the Simon & Schuster Star Trek novels. Scott and his daughter, Ella, cohost the Generations Geek podcast.

Featured Works

Two short novels in a shared world; in 1948 Los Angeles, private detective Henry Shaw and LAPD officer Bob Neville face mysterious monsters in human form.

In the nostalgic “The Day It Came From Beyond Outer Space,” four young friends make an otherworldy discovery on an abandoned farm in 1958.

The Invisible Man and the Time Traveller struggle with each other and face the Martian invasion in this homage to H. G. Wells, “In the Time of the Martians.”

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