Scott is a full-time freelance writer and editor working across a variety of genres in both traditional and indie publishing. His published works include short stories, novellas, essays, poetry, and role-playing game supplements. He is the co-screenwriter of the IMAX space documentaries Space Next and Touch the Stars. Since 2014, he has been the copyeditor for the Simon & Schuster Star Trek novels. Since 2016, he has been an editor and occasional writer for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game from Modiphius. Scott and his wife, Sandra, split their time between St. Paul and the wilds of northern Minnesota. Scott and their daughter, Ella, cohost the Generations Geek podcast whenever they get around to it. No, really, they’ll be releasing a new episode sometime.

Featured Works

“The Shadows Under Mariana Base”—Lovecraftian horrors visit a deep-sea research base perched on the edge of the Mariana Trench in a short story inspired by the 1970s cartoon Sealab 2020. (This is straight horror, not parody like Sealab 2021!)

Two more short novels in Volume 2 of Tales of the Weird World War. Monster encounters are increasing and spreading, with incidents as far apart as Tokyo in 1954 and small-town Minnesota in 1955. Plus two bonus short stories!

“The Creature in Jay Cooke Park”—a short story from Tales of the Weird World War. Small town Minnesota, 1955. Hoping to have a fun summer vacation after ninth grade, Eddie tries to reconcile his two best friends by taking them camping to search for a monsyer he’s heard is lurking in nearby Jay Cooke Park.

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