Throughout Chris Carter’s classic TV show The X-Files, it seemed that Dana Scully just could not catch a break. Right away she gets stuck with the weirdo in the basement office without so much as a desk of her own. From there on, in both her personal and professional life, she suffered many injustices, reaching a particularly painful low point in the final-season episode “William,” the subject of my piece below. Some people will tell you that it wasn’t really the final season, and that two more seasons eventually aired. But I choose not to believe that.

“Baby, Please Don’t Go” appears in Outside In Wants to Believe, edited by Robert Smith? (with the question mark, really, just look at the cover). Each mini review/essay/fever dream covers an episode of The X-Files, Millennium, The Lone Gunmen, or Harsh Realm. The excerpt below is from the opening of the piece.

Baby, Please Don’t Go

A social worker gently places baby William into the waiting arms of his loving new mother—RECORD SCREECH
        NOOO! Can Scully not have one good thing in her life? Not Mulder, not a desk, and now not even her baby? Her second child, no less!? Well, at least she has Special Agent Doggett on her side, but, well, uh . . .

Bullet Points from Special Agent Doggett’s After-Action Report

• In my own office I was ambushed and nearly rendered unconscious by an unarmed man with a serious medical condition
• Special Agent Reyes and I left the mysterious scarred man unguarded and he sneaked into the nursery of Special Agent Scully’s baby . . .

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