Back in the day when I worked at Zenith Press, Voyageur Press, one of the other imprints, was going to publish Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin. Michael Dregni, the head of that imprint, knew that I was a bit of a Zep head, so he asked me if I’d like to put together a basic discography for the appendix. Would I?! Yes, please, and thank you! He lent me one book for research, but mostly I just had to to go home to my own records, CDs, and DVDs and type them up. The excerpt below is the opening paragraph.


The following list of recordings is not intended to be exhaustive; it focuses on the band as a group, leaving out projects the individual artists were involved in both before and after Led Zeppelin. It comprises primarily the original records and the transition to the world of CDs and DVDs, without cataloging the various tape formats—reel to reel, eight track, and cassette—that formed “that confounded bridge,” if you will, between vinyl and disc. It includes only official releases that are (or were) commercially available, not the occasional promotional release. For simplicity, it includes only American and British releases, not foreign releases or imports. It ignores entirely the specter of endless bootlegs, which could fill a book on their own. . . .

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