In over fifteen years of editing, I’ve enjoyed working with a wide variety of writers, from seasoned professional historians to first-time novelists, from World War II veterans to Space Shuttle astronauts. Regardless of the subject or the level of writing experience, my goal as an editor is the same: to help authors achieve the best manuscript possible while retaining their individual voice.

Scott has now copyedited several of my manuscripts for the Star Trek: Voyager line and his work has been exemplary. He brings a deep knowledge of the universe, a keen eye for best possible word choices, and mastery of grammar and usage to my stories. I am always relieved when I see his name on one of my works because I know that I’m about to enter into a dialogue with a trusted partner as I review his notes. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone in need of an editor.
—Kirsten Beyer

Scott’s copyediting of Crisis of Consciousness was all that it should’ve been, and more. He knew Star Trek better than any previous copyeditor I’ve worked with, which isn’t just a time saver, but a delight. This also allowed him to make suggestions as both a Trek writer and a Trek reader. It’s this kind of collaboration that not only makes for an enjoyable editing experience for the author, but makes the book better in the end. He’s the only copyeditor I’ve ever thanked in the book’s acknowledgments.
—Dave Galanter

Working with Scott on The Space Shuttle was a real pleasure. We had one of the smoothest collaborative relationships I have had with any editor in my two decades in the business. Between us, we shaped a highly attractive and historically significant book that made a healthy sales impact. Anyone working toward publication can only benefit from Scott’s input, both as a text editor and as someone with firsthand experience of the trade publishing industry.
—Piers Bizony

I wholeheartedly endorse Scott as an editor . . . he is thorough, easy to work with, and has a great sense of what readers want in a book. He edited eight of my books while working for Zenith Press and I was extremely happy with his ability to fine tune the manuscripts. I would work with him on any future writing project.
—Dick Camp

Scott is the most professional and thorough copy and content editor I have ever worked with. From humor books to travel guides to regional history, his work always improves that of the author, and his attention to detail is unmatched. With Will to Murder, he took an expansive and information-packed manuscript and helped the authors transform it into a true crime book that reads like a suspense novel—and still sells strongly ten years after its release. Thanks to his work, two books I wrote myself were honored as finalists for the Minnesota Book Award. Whether I write it or not, I won’t publish a book until it has been copyedited by Scott.
—Tony Dierckins

Scott has been my editor for four military histories. Each demanded a skilled, perceptive editor who could begin with a rough manuscript and transform it into a reader-friendly book. Miss Bingaman, the eighth-grade English teacher who influenced my life, would love Scott’s grasp not only of spelling, punctuation, and grammar but of how to take a big pile of words and transform it into something that makes sense. I plan to work with Scott in the future and recommend him to anyone who needs a caring, knowledgeable, thoughtful editor.
—Robert F. Dorr

Scott edited three of my manuscripts published by Zenith Press: Darkest Hour, Fortress Rabaul, and Swashbucklers and Black Sheep. It was a pleasure to work with Scott over a span of several years. He’s a pro and really knows the business.
—Bruce Gamble

Scott brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to his work. His keen editorial eye can focus on the oddly written line or the structurally challenged chapter. In both cases, he offers good suggestions and works with the author to make the prose sparkle. His enthusiasm for a wide range of subjects means he has insights that make the overall work stronger. Scott is responsive and supportive, two things authors crave with regularity.
—Robert Greenberger

I’ve worked with Scott for about ten years and know him to be a knowledgeable, careful, and sympahetic editor. He has always shown a terrific sense of what the author is attempting to convey and offers solutions aimed at getting there.
—Eric Hammel

Scott has worked with us on four books, and his professionalism and attention to detail, as well as his knowledge and interest in a wide variety of subjects, assisted us in delivering top-quality and highly rated products. We have worked with several editors, and Scott is one of the best.
—Colin D. Heaton and Anne-Marie Lewis

I’ve worked with Scott over the course of writing Hell Hawks! and on several smaller projects. He is a sharp and savvy editor, an advocate for your good work, and a talented writer in his own right. I look forward with pleasure to collaborating with Scott again. So should you.
—Thomas D. Jones

Scott was a delight to work with, both on my own book, and on projects which I copyedited for him. A professional with a grasp not just of the details, but also the bigger picture, he made That’s What They Want You to Think a much better book for his input.
—Paul Simpson

I have worked closely with Scott on books for close to a decade, and I can attest that he is a skilled professional. I deal with editors constantly in my day job, and some of them leave an author wanting to tear his hair out. Scott makes everything easy. He made Steeds of Steel, First to the Rhine, and Fighting Patton better products.
—Harry Yeide

Having worked with Scott on several projects through the years, I would definitely include him among those few great editors who possess knowledge and understanding, not only of the language, but of the content of the manuscript which they are editing. It is always a pleasure, and a rare pleasure, to work with such a man such as Scott, who adds value to his work through both his expertise and his appreciation of the material.
—Bill Yenne

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