The start of my writing career. These were primarily regional publications, and they’re all out of print. My first pro sale, “The Mailbox,” is available as an e-book, slightly revised in 2012, the twenty-fifth anniversary of its original publication. I plan on making most of these available in e-book form.

“The Mailbox”

Short story. My first professional sale.

“In 1970”

Poem. My first poetry sale.

“Honest Tex’s Used Gods”

Vignette. My first humor sale.

“Hiding Place,” “In 1970,” and “We Need an Amendment”

Poems. The first book I was in.

“Stone Buildings” and “Speaking of Valentine’s Day”

Poems. The second book I was in.

“Captain Neurotic”

Vignette. My second humor sale.

Various Contributions

Vignettes. The first humor book I was in.

“Little Girl” and “What You Do To Me”

Poems. My last published poetry for ten years.

Untitled Limerick

Poem. A tea limerick contest. I won the bawdy category. No, really.

Various Contributions

Vignettes. Featured as a prize on Whad’Ya Know? in the old days when it was on Public Radio. Hear the clip below.

Now check out my more recent publishing history.

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