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The following list of recordings is not intended to be exhaustive; it focuses on the band as a group, leaving out projects the individual artists were involved in both before and after Led Zeppelin. It comprises primarily the original records and the transition to the world of CDs and DVDs, without cataloging the various tape formats—reel to reel, eight track, and cassette—that formed “that confounded bridge,” if you will, between vinyl and disc. It includes only official releases that are (or were) commercially available, not the occasional promotional release. For simplicity, it includes only American and British releases, not foreign releases or imports. It ignores entirely the specter of endless bootlegs, which could fill a book on their own.

For a band as influential and legendary as Led Zeppelin, it is easy to forget—and perhaps hard to believe—that their original album releases on vinyl were limited to eight studio recordings and one live soundtrack, all of which appeared between 1969 and 1979. After John Bonham’s death in 1980 brought an end to the band, bootleg live recordings were the fans’ only source for “new” Zeppelin music. In response to this continuing interest, and because the band had an outstanding contractual obligation to Atlantic Records for one album, a collection of outtakes was issued in 1982 under the name Coda. For fifteen years after the release of Coda, the following ten albums would constitute Led Zeppelin’s complete catalog. . . .

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