Clothes Make the Man

Scott Pearson

To catch a killer on a traffic stop . . . that would be cool. Officer Peggy Roberts had the thought as a black car heading south ran a stop light on Hamline Avenue. She’d just listened to the dispatcher send a squad to a homicide a few miles north of the intersection. She accelerated, taking a right off Larpenteur, to follow the car.
       Probably just a coincidence, she thought. This isn’t Law & Order: Falcon Heights, after all. But when Roberts checked in with dispatch, she learned that right after the 911 caller found the half-dressed body of his neighbor lying in a puddle of blood, stabbed repeatedly, he’d spotted a dark car leaving the scene. Still, that didn’t narrow things down much. How many dark cars were there in a five-mile radius around the murder? And it seemed to Roberts that at any intersection at least one car rolled through a red every few cyclings of the lights. When had red lights become just a suggestion?
       The black car, a late-model Lexus, was just a block ahead of her, and Roberts quickly caught up. The driver appeared to be alone. . . .

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